Remember to count your inventory on Dec 31st, to ensure you have all the numbers you need for tax purposes.

Click above on different types of forms that might be helpful... Just depending on "which" one makes the most sense to how you track your expenses!!! If there is a line (expense) that doesn't pertain to you, just skip it. As Directors, we have other expenses that consultants don't have!! :)))
If you are in the north suburbs of Chicago area and need a tax account's name and number, here you go;
Pam Jacobs - 847-925-1489

She has been doing Deborah Baily's personal MK taxes for 20+ years & She specializes in "Home Base Businesses"... She is awesome!!! If you have any tax questions, call her and let her know you are a Bailye Consultant. She answers some questions over the phone, but is very detailed when making an office appointment with her!! She will ask you for the attached tally sheets and walk you through the process... Also, remember her fee is tax deductible!!!! :)))

If you are in the south suburbs Daniel T Hawtree 708-534-1001

He is AMAZING!!!!! He has been doing my personal taxes for over 10 years and is worth every penny!!! Mention you are a Paula Graser MK Consultant

If you are not local, make sure your professional tax accountant is up on all the ins and outs of owning your own "home base" business. If they seem negative about having a home base business or don't ask you alot of questions, they are NOT the best professional to be doing your taxes. Don't be in a rush to select your tax accountant, take your time and end up with the right one, one who specializes in home base businesses. You'll be glad in the long run!!! :))



Do you want to know how much you ordered from Mary Kay last year & how many Section 2 items you ordered?

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