Pink Boot Camp Prizes

Class: Welcome (Access Code: 5682645

Class: Booking (Access Code: 6264326#) 


           Magic Scripts for Booking

Class: Coaching (Access Code: 6558742#)


           Party Invitation Postcards

Class: Customer Follow Up (Access Code: 1383493#)

Class:Recruiting (Access Code 4881405#)

       Opinion Closing Sheet 

       VIP Customer call info slips 


       follow up text for VIP Customer Call

Class: Time Management (Access Code 4519648#)

            Focus-Tracking Bubble Sheet

            Weekly Plan Sheet

Class Money Management (Access Code 1959487#)

          Expense Worksheet

Class Emotional Management (Access Code: 3523059#)

          Step 7 20 by 20 Starter Kit Selling Challenge

After each call, email your director to share a nuggest that spoke to you. Once you've completed all the calls, you'll earn your GLITZY CALCULATOR!!!!

Perfect Start - Complete in your first 30 days
15 Facials, receive yourPerfect Start Charm
3 Sharing Appoinments, receive your Pearls of Sharing Earrings*

Your Success Starts Here

​​Pink Boot Camp Training

Listen and complete the training as quickly as you would like. The pace is totally up to you!

* Sharing appointments must be held with your director, or with women who have been facialed and then listened to the marketing call.

Earn your own Personalized Travel Roll up Bag  when you complete Pink Boot Camp!

Welcome New Consultant

​​Will you be a Perfect or Power Start?????

Pink Boot Camp 
Recorded Training:
Dial 605-475-2875
Access Code: See Below 

Click on each topic to access the supporting documents               that coordinate with each call/Ref number.

Power Start -Complete in your first 30 days
30 Facials, receive the Power Start Charm
6 Sharing Appointments, receive your Pearls of Sharing Bracelet
8 Sharing Appointments, receive your Billion $ Watch
Receive your Pearls of Sharing Necklace when you add your first team member
Complete both the Power Start and Share the MK Opportunity with 6 or more people, receive the Power Start Plus Charm.



Facebook friend me-Paula Graser as soon as possible!!! There is a private FB group just for 

you with ideas & motivation to keep you plugged in!!!

There must be a million questions running through your mind right now and I assure you I know

exactly how you feel I felt the same way when I first started. What I found most successful was

keeping the lines of communication open between me and your team leader via emails, phone

calls, success meeting, texts and yes even facebook.

Congratulations on your decision to start your Mary Kay business! Mary Kay is

 a unique business opportunity that offers women a chance to use their individual talents

and realize their fullest potential both personally and professionally. I'm looking forward to

mentoring and supporting you. While I am interested in your financial success,

I am equally interested in the person you are becoming on this journey through life.

As your leader and Mary Kay director, it is my job to match your efforts with my time. This business

is truly what you design it to be. I'm here to support you any way I can! A system of learning has been developed just for you!!

Whether it's your goal to make an extra $100 to $500 a week, or to quit your full-time job - there's a place for you to succeed on our team. I'm excited to start working with you.